Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blairline Corn Crib, Down on the Farm #9

The design of this kit in just an engineering marvel.  It looks like it will be a difficult kit to build, but it would be a nice weekend project.
The instructions are very nice, and included a drawing of all the sheets, numbered, so it is easy to identify all the parts. I test fit a couple of the uprights before I started applying paint.

The only thing I don't like about laser cut wood kits, is the brunt black edges on everything.  With this kit it was easy to cover it with paint.  I painted the edges rather heavy, but tried to leave some bare wood on the faces, to give the appearance of peeled paint.  

Assembly is very easy, as the uprights, shown here, fit perfectly in the holes in the base.  There is even a top support that fits on the inside edge

The outer surface has this lattice applied, again I painted the edges, but dry brushed the faces.

At this point I gave everything a wash of A&I to get a weathered, dirty look.

Really is amazing how everything fits together so perfectly.

The roof framing is genius. Very intricate, but quite easy to assemble.

A close view of the building before the roof goes on shows the nice roof framing and the details applied to the doors.

The roofing includes some flashing for the hips that I painted green, and gave a wash of A&I.

I can't say enough about how hard this looked like was going to be to put together when just looking at a picture, and how easy it was in actuality.  This will look great on my farm diorama.

Unless I add another structure, this will be the only wood kit on the diorama, there are also two metal kits, and the rest are 3d printed.

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