Sunday, December 11, 2011

NMRA Civil Certificate

I have been working on my NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) Civil Engineering certificate. As previously posted, I am hand laying track on a small shelf section, and below is the progress I have made since the last post.
This is the left half of the shelf, showing the gauge separation turnout on the top. This is where the dual gauge track, 30" and standard 48-1/2" gauge track separate. The gauge separation turnout is complete, and works well, see video below. (I hope the video works, but it is my first attempt at uploading a video) Being HO scale, the whole shelf display is about 9" by 30".

This it the right side of the module, and has a 30" gauge turnout and a crossing between the standard and 30" gauge railroads. I have the easy part done on this side, with all the small pieces still to go.

For comparison, we have a standard gauge HO scale freight car truck and a 30" gauge HO scale freight car truck.

Here is a video of the standard gauge side of the gauge separation turnout, with a truck running through it, and below is a video of the 30" gauge side of the turnout.

Until next time, which should be only a few days, since I have lots to post.