Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pill Bottle Heisenberg Drug Store, 3D Printed Parts

When I posted the pictures of the Ice Cream store, (, made using a pill bottle, several people suggested the same basic idea could be used to make a drug store from a pill bottle.

To make the drug store, I used a much larger pill bottle, as I recall, 2-5/8" outside diameter.  I first drew a cylinder in SketchUp, then just started adding pieces.
Here are the basic parts I ended up with.  A recessed front door, large picture windows on the ground floor, and sliding windows for an apartment above, stairs to get to the apartment, and a sign board for the front of the store.

I laid out the pieces separately and oriented them for printing.  

I printed the parts several times, making adjustments to get things to print correctly.  Sometimes I am able to draw everything correctly, and size it so it prints right the first time, but sometimes not.

I think I adjusted the size and reprinted everything but the stairs on this project.  Because the pill bottle is so tall, at least relative to HO scale, I felt I needed a second floor, which is why I added an apartment.  The lid for this particular pill bottle, had a flip lid, and at the last minute, I decided to add a glass block skylight.

I drew half of it, copied, reversed it, and married the two parts together.

The I oriented in a way I thought it would print the best, and I added some support because of all the angles, I felt the support I designed would be better than that generated by the Afinia software.  

And since I needed a name to put on my drug store, what bigger name is their in the drug business than Heisenberg? 
Afters some trimming and filing, I installed the painted pieces in the pill bottle using thick CA.

I also printed a sidewalk to go around the building that will provide 12 parking stalls.  I also printed a window to install on the back door to the drug store.  

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  1. Great job! Excellent concept and execution. Very impressive.