Sunday, March 30, 2014

3 for $4.00, HO Scale Economy Buildings, Amherst 2014, #4

I picked these three buildings up at the Amherst show out of a manufacturers reject box, as they are bad resin castings.  I got all three for $4.00, just thought it looked like a deal.  I basically have the three buildings ready to install on the layout, but they started out looking like this.

This building has no detail on one side, just a flat surface.  Well, really not flat, slightly warped, it is a manufacturing second, but it has no detail, so I will but it up against another building or somehow hide that fact.  Note that one face has a round top window and the opposite, has a square top...that is because one had a big air bubble, and to hide that, rather than fill it in, I just made the round top window be the front.  The building is also out of square.

 I designed and 3d printed the chimney, the wall cap, including making it out of square to fit, and all the windows and doors.

 I might make this the office the Spiral Brothers Masonry Company.  

I still need to add glass to the windows. 

 Sometimes I think I just take pictures to find the things I have forgotten.  In this case, door knobs.

The front, to which I need to add a mail box.

Both cabins had lots of air bubbles, among many flaws.  I brushed on a coat of Aileen's Tacky glue, to at least fill in the smaller holes.  

The doors on both of the cabins measured about 8' tall, so maybe they were intended to be S scale?  At the suggestion of a friend, I cut the bottom log off, and that made the doors about the right height.  

 This was probably the roughest of the three castings.  The edges of the roof were missing.  The cast on chimney was so bad, I cut it off, and designed and 3d printed a new one.

All things considered, they did not come out too bad, at least for $1.34 per building.

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