Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shop Building, Machinery Shed Redux, Down on the Farm #4-1

I started this building a few months ago, (construction details here:, but put it on hold waiting on to come out with their new laser cut paper printed shingles.  Well I ordered them a few weeks back, and finally got them installed.  One of the nice details they include is a paper sheet of sheathing/underlayment, and a sheet of tar paper.

Here are some pictures of what you get in the Creeky Shingles package.

 The shingles are cut along one edge...for the most part, and must be cut free, but easily done.

 The tar paper is only cut where the edges are rough.

The sheathing/underlayment is uncut.

I installed a started strip of black paper before the first strip of shingles.  On the back side, I inserted a small section of sheathing and tar paper just to give a damaged area a try.

Unfortunately, I did not catch that I installed the underlayment boards in the wrong orientation until I was about done, so now I am going to have to live with that.

 I do need to add some weathering before I install this on the diorama.

 The bench is salvaged from an Atlas lumberyard kitbash (multiple posts on this diorama, if you search "Atlas Lumberyard" on my blog page, you will get all the entries in that series).

The basic building was printed all in one piece, construction details link in the first paragraph.

The trusses and the uprights are also 3d printed.  Probably could have built them from strip wood faster, but if I ever need them again, they are a few clicks of a mouse away.

For comparison purposes, if you want to compare these wood shingles to the Bar Mills.  Click on the picture for a larger image.  

The next entry in this series will probably be the octagon barn, as I am currently installing shingles on it, and trying another wood shingle idea.  


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