Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mini-Lindy Kitbashes #1 & 2, Ford PU

A couple kitbashes of Mini-Lindy Ford Pickups

A shot of the two pickups, and the Packard as picked up of eBay. 

Dump Truck
A first test assembly with a dump bed I had in the parts bin.  I posted this on the 1/87 scale vehicle Facebook page for some feedback, and got just what I wanted.

I filled in the hole in the center of the hood, and 3D printed a shorter bed.

This model was missing the front grill and bumper.  I designed and 3D printed and new one. This was an early test, as I made some changes on the final assembly.

I 3D printed the frame, and made the dump bed so it would dump, although I never have found a way I liked to put a hydraulic cylinder on it.

Since the fans would be visible, I designed and printed several sizes in order to pick a size.

I fabricated the exhaust out of brass tubing.  

This model was also missing the windows, so I 3D printed a form and vacuum formed the windows.  The form is in the dump bed.

 In this view you can see the rusted exhaust manifold, another part I designed and 3D printed.

Tow/Boom Truck

I wanted to turn the other truck into a two truck.  In order to design the bed, I took straight on pictures of the truck, uploaded the pictures into SketchUp, and sized the pictures to scale.  

I drew the basic design right over the photographs to get the correct curves and dimensions.

On this one, I closed in the entire top of the hood.

I also designed and printed the boom and headache rack.  

I scratch built the winches