Monday, July 9, 2012

More HO scale vehicles for the Model Railroad

I will have lots of vehicles if I ever get a real model railroad layout built.  Here are a couple construction and a couple military vehicles that I have finished up.  Both of the construction vehicles are from Mercury Lit'l Toy.

First up is this International dozer with a Drott shovel.  Mostly a stock model, but with added cab details, paint and weathering.

Second I have a Michigan scraper.  Again, pretty much a stock item with some painted details and weathering to cover damaged paint.

Roco water tank and trailer.  I do not know if the trailer is Roco or not, I actually assume not.  I bought it with some other parts and pieces.  I was glued together very poorly, so I cut it apart and put it back together as best I could.  

It seems like whenever you take pictures of a model, you find things that need fixed.  Now I have to get these back out of the military box, and add headlight, and probably tail light paint.
Next time, a bunch of 3D printed stuff.