Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Machine Shop Tools #3, 3d printed, Surface Grinder, Horizontal Mill, Drill Presses, Welding tanks

This is the third entry showing this set of 3d printed tools.  In this post I will cover the surface grinder, horizontal mill, two drill presses, and portable welding tanks.

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Surface Grinder
This is the picture I used as the basis for most of the drawing.

And this is the drawing that I sent to  This is one of the items that printed fine the first time, and I did not have to update.

A primed version.

Painted up and ready to put in the machine shop

Horizontal Mill
There were several things that needed updated on this machine.  We learn from the things that don't work.

Here is it primed.  Note that the wheel on the end of the table either did not form, was broken in cleaning or in shipping.  I beefed up all the fine parts a few hundredths. 

On this one I replaced the broken wheel with an N scale brake wheel.

Drill Press
This is the same drill press I used previously in the small engine repair shop blog entry.

I wanted another drill press, so I went for a radial drill press.

Two drill presses on a penny, who'd a thought.

An extreme close up.

Welding Tanks
I also used these first in the small engine repair shop.  I made some adjustments, made it more out of scale, but it prints better.

Extreme close up, and it actually looks better than the drawing.

This set is available at the link below, and also included a small lathe. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Machine Shop Tools #2, 3d printed, Large Lathe, Vertical Milling Machine, Air Compressor, Bench Grinder

I am going to cover four machines in the et this post.  The first post in this series covering a group of 3d printed machine shop tools is at this link, machine-shop-tools-3d-printed.

Large Metal Lathe
Although there are certainly much larger metal lathes, in this set, there are two lathes, and this is the larger of the two.  I actually added the smaller lathe to the set after I ordered this set, so I have not ordered the smaller lathe yet.

After a quick show with primer, it is easier to see the details that either did not print, were broken in shipping or in the cleaning process.

Although it is hard to see, the wheel in the front is only partially formed, or is broken.  I have beefed up the wheel in the updated offering.  I also increased the size on some of the other details and made some of the handles a little less fragile.

In this end shot, we can see the wheel on the tail stock formed just fine.

Vertical Milling Machine
In general, the drawings I am showing are of the updated models, but the completed items I am showing were printed before these upgrades.  In most cases it would be hard to notice them, but in this case..

you can see the drawings have grooves in the tables, and the printed items do not.

Any new items ordered will have the prototypically correct grooves in the table. I also made the hand wheel on the end of the table larger so it would be more easily seen.

There are several other subtle changes made, but they are marginally noticeable, but will make it easier to paint the details and make it stronger.  Obviously this comes in two sizes.

Vertical Air Compressor
The air compressor was first done for my Lipasek Small Engine repair shop.  lawn-mower-small-engne-repair-shop  This has a lot of 3d printed details to, including lawn mowers appropriate for the late 1940's.

I am going to have to work on my photography!

The air compressor could be used in any number of situations, as just about every commercial shop needs one.  Gas Stations, woodworking shops, etc.

This picture is of the compressor used in the small engine repair show diorama.

Bench Grinders
The bench mounted grinders are the same ones I used in the small engine repair shop.  notice the half grinder in the top center of the picture, that is how I drew it, just drew half of it, then copied it, and reversed it.  Then put the two halves together.  

One of the bench mounted units has 1" wide wheels and the other has 2" wheels.  

Marginal difference unless you look close.  

Next time I will cover four more machines to complete the set, all but the small lathe, which was added after this set was ordered.

The first entry in the blog series can be found at machine-shop-tools-3d-printed-metal

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Machine Shop tools, 3d printed, Metal Shaper, Bandsaws

This could be an extremely long post, as this is a very large set of tools with lots of details, so I will cover a very few machines at a time.  This tool set, which is available on, is made up of 16 individual tools.

The set includes, from left to right, front to back...
Front Row: 1.  Metal Shaper, 2. Horizontal Band Saw, 3. Small Metal Lathe, 4. Bench mount Grinder with 2" x 8" Wheels, 5. Pedestal mounted Bench Grinder, 6. Bench mount Grinder with 1" x 8" Wheels, 7. Floor Drill Press, 8. Radial Floor Drill Press, 9. Metal Lathe
Back Row: 10. Large Vertical Milling Machine, 11. Smaller Vertical Milling Machine, 12.  Horizontal Milling Machine, 13. Surface Grinder, 14. Vertical Band Saw, 15. Air Compressor, 14. Gas Welding Bottles on a Cart.

This should be a link to the items offered on  machine-shop-tool-set-2

I am going to post the particulars on each items in the order I finished them up.

Metal Shaper
I used one of these back in the day; I am not sure they are even used much anymore.  I am modeling 1949, so it will fit fine.  When designing this as a generic model, I worked from several photographs and drawings.


 The drawings and the pictures I worked from.

Here is the 3d printable drawing I came up with on my second try.  This will be printed in a couple weeks, but the first try, with all it's issues is below.

My first try had several parts that were just barely over the minimum printable size, and as happens, some of those parts either did not print, or were broken in the cleaning or shipping process.  There were some pieces in the plastic bags the part came in, so I could see some file pieces broke off in shipment.  Given the fragile nature of these items, and the extremely small cross-sections on many of the parts, this is to be expected, in my opinion.  For me it is okay, for selling the product to other, I will need to beef up the cross-sections on several parts to make them tougher.

 Primed only, Note that all three of the wheels, cranks and handles on the top were broke off, yet the ones one the side all survived and were formed perfectly.  The two vertical bars on the very front did not form, or were broken at some point.  There are all issues that I fixed in the newest upload to shapeways.

For my purposes, the machine I recieved was fixable.  I drilled out the block in the front an glued new round bars in place to raise and lower the table.  They are the silver vertical bars at the front of the machine. 

In this side view, you can see I added parts for the three missing pieces on top.  A bit of wire, a Micro-Trains N scale brake wheel from Show Me Lines, and a piece of round plastic, and everything is good.  As you can readily see in this view, the crank and wheel on this side formed fine, and were not damaged in shipping or handling.  

Horizontal Bandsaw

Drawn from some pictures, because of some of the angles, it was a little bit of a pain to draw.  I had needed to do several adjustments after the first print, as it was very fragile, and I broke it even handling it with tweezers.  I increased the connection between the base and the band saw to make it stronger.
And looking at this drawing, even though it passed the Shapeways automated checks, I see several changes I need to make.

It is really small, so getting the details to show up, they generally have to be oversized.

 I was able to get the wheels to form on the left end, and a handle on the right end.  Not bad for the size.

Vertical Bandsaw

This I have done before, but I wanted on for the machine show, so I added it to this set.  Although it looks small sitting on a penny, it scales out to a 30" saw, that is a big unit.

It would be suitable for both a metal or wood shop.

Next time I will cover three or four more tools.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chain Saws, HO scale, 3d printed

I have done some chain saws previously, for my Lipasek Small engine shop, lawn-mowersmall-engne-repair-shop.  When I ran across some pictures of an old saw on the internet, I decided to draw and try to 3d print it.  The pictures, which I loaded in to SketchUp were not clear, but sometimes you have to make due.  I sized the three views I had to the same size, and started drawing.

This is the front view. 

 And a back view.

Close ups of just the drawing.

I combined the new chain saw with some of the ones I had previously draw, and also added a smaller one by scaling down one of the old drawings.

 Here are several extreme close ups of the product, as it arrived from Shapeways.  They were very clean, and I must say, every time I order from Shapeways, the product seems to get better.

Although I did not brake any of them, they are very fragile, as one might imagine. 

The small one is just crazy cute! 

 Note that in the first pictures, there were four chainsaws with blades and now there are only three...yes, I lost one somewhere along the way.

 Maybe it blew off when I was spraying with primer.

I mean they don't weigh anything.

Look, I can hold seven chainsaws on the tip of my finger.

I have since updated the file at Shapeways with some larger models of the generic chain saws.  This is the drawing of the set now available.  I have not ordered them yet, but the front two rows are the models above, and the back three are the larger models I resized and added.  Here is a link to the models on Shapeways site, chainsaws-group-2-ho-scale