Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pool Tables, HO and O scale, Just for Giggles #5

I was contacted about the possibility of printing O scale pool tables.  We corresponded, and decided on just making the table tops.

 I designed the table top to have pockets that extend down below the table, depending on the type of base one is going to build.  The pockets are the bumps to the upper right.

 In this upside down view, the pockets have been glued in place.  

 After I printed the top on the left, it occurred to me that I should put some balls on the table, so I did.

I also scaled it down to HO scale, and added a commercial style base to one.  

The top and bottom of the finished item. 

I modeled the pool tables regulation size, 4-1/2' x 9', but they could be scaled to the 4' x 8' size, which is the most popular size.  

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