Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Smokehouse, HO Scale, 3d Printed, Down on the Farm #1

This is the first of many post on buildings and construction of  HO scale small farm diorama.  I got the plans for the smokehouse off the South Dakota State University web site, and that is where I have gotten most of the plans I will be using in this project.

Here is a copy of the plans, and here is a direct link to the web site with lots of agricultural building plans. http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/extension-aben/buildingplans/

This is the drawing I did in SketchUp, and exploded and oriented for printing on my Afinia printer.  

The raw print, above, has had support material and raft removed.  It is really hard to see any flaws, soooo

I throw a wash of alcohol and India ink on it to show the details, and/or flaws.  Although it is still a little hard to see, the roof, because of the slope, shows a lot of layering.  Most vertical and horizontal surfaces print relatively flat, but angled surfaces will be stepped, and show the layering that is part of the printing process.

A little filing, just like cleaning up a white metal casting, and you end up with a nice looking cast concrete roof.  The ABS plastic solvent welds together with any Methylene Chloride glue available at most hobby suppliers.

The door hinges are from Grandt Line, and the door handle is a round piece of plastic, nothing special

I weather it up pretty heavy, to give it that used look.  

In this view, and the one below, you can see the clean out door.  When installed in the diorama, the pit on the right end will be filled with ash.  How do you model ash in HO scale?  How about Oak logs, small fire wood size?

The finished model, ready for installation on a diorama.  For the smoke residue, I used weather powders from Ash Grove.

I am not sure what my next post will be, as I have 4-5 drafts going at any one time.  I do know that the next installment in this series will be a concrete storm shelter, and the third Down on the Frame post will be a slaughter house.

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