Saturday, June 13, 2009

Promintory Point

I walked the Bill Fill trail, and then some. The trail follows the old Central Pacific and Union Pacific rail beds. On the aerial picture below, the Big Fill, the Central Pacific grade, is on the left and the abutments for the Union Pacific trestle can be see on the right.From the trail, looking West, just West of the Big Fill. To the right is the CP grade, and down and to the left is the UP grade.

Imagine making these cuts in the rock with dynamite, pick and shovel.

This is taken standing on the UP grade, looking East, as the CP grade is the level grade to the left

Helper, UT Railroad & Mining Museum

Posting only the rail related picts. I took pictures (over one hundred pictures) of every piece of mine and railroad equipment they had.

These are Muckers that are on display at the wonderfull museum in Helper, UT. The first one is an 18" gauge unit and the second on is a 3' gauge.
These two are actually not at the Museum, but they are down the road at the Holiday Inn in Price, UT. They are 40" gauge.