Thursday, August 25, 2011

Greg’s Garage Vehicles

Recently, picked up a bunch of Greg’s Garage solid cast resin vehicles.  I believe they have been out of production for about 20 years, and, by today’s standards are crude.  And, the casting quality is not up to today’s standards.  Greg did make lots of different models, and MANY that have never been produced in HO scale.  The web site catalogs 160 models that were available from Greg.  Many are probably not suitable for foreground display, but they are the only model available of a particular vehicle, so I think they are valuable to help set a scene and time frame.  Most of the models I received were already painted, and all the models pictured here.  I did a lot of touch up, but there is only so much that can be done with the solid castings. I also wanted to keep them reasonably original, as they are rather rare.  Here are a few of them. 

They are, left to right, top to bottom: 1931 Hupmobile, 42 Nash, 41-47 Dodge Pick-Up, 39 Lincoln, 37 Fleetwood, 37 Cord, 36 DeSoto, 33 Imperial (Blue), 33 Imperial (Tan/Brown), 34 Marmon 16 (Brown), 34 Marmon 15 (two-tone Gray), 35 Packard, 35 Plymouth.

31 Hupmobile 42 Nash

41-47 Dodge Pick-Up 3 39 Lincoln 37 Fleetwood 37 Cord 2 36 DeSoto 1 33 Imperial #2 33 Imperial 34 Marmon 16 #2 34 Marmon 16 35 Packard 35 Plymouth

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Central Concrete HO Scale Trucks

#9, Fort Smith

Central Concrete #9 was built from a diecast model from an unknown manufacturer. I picked up the models Trainland in Springfield, MO, and they have no markings on the as to who the manufacturer was. Besides the painting and custom decals, I added the ladder and related equipment along with the details on the rear. I also added a wrap of styrene to the mixer cylinder to make it a little larger. The wheels and tires are from the junk box.

#11, Joplin

This model is a kitbash of a Stoney Mountain 1938 GMC cab to a Matchbox Lesney Foden mixer. The Matchbox model had no details on the back...nothing but an open cylinder. I used Mini-Lindy wheels and tires, added mirrors, tail lights and other details.

#12, Joplin

Another model from the unknown manufacturer that I used for #9. I believe the front tires and wheels are Magnuson, the back ones are from the scrap box.