Thursday, March 6, 2014

Back Ground Building, Up and Down Outside Entry Stairs, Just for Giggles 4

I drive down I-35 here is beautiful KC all the time, and I always liked the lines of this building that backed up on the east side, just before the I-635 interchange.  So one day I took the closest exit, pulled around behind the building, and took a couple pictures.  I had been thinking about it for months, and the only reason I had not gotten pictures earlier was because I could not figure out how to orient it to 3d print it.  

I wasn't trying to match it exactly, I just wanted to get the look, all those angles.

Here is my drawing, done in SketchUp.

This is what I came up with for orientation.  Printing the building upside down generated lots of support for the roof, but none was needed for the lap siding, and it allowed the structure to be printed in one piece.  The doors and windows were printed flat, except the glass block window, which was printed vertical.

Here is the main portion of the support material, oriented in the picture, just about like it would be under the drawing above.

I printed the glass block in clear resin, and the rest in natural.  Currently, all I keep is clear, black and natural.  Since I am going to paint most things, it does not make any since to have to cover a color, but there are a bunch of colors available.  Here is a link to all the filament colors that are available at Afinia,

The shingles are printed on paper, as are the concrete blocks.  I designed both in Photoshop Elements.
I really don't know where I will ever use this, but it can go on a backdrop just about anywhere.


  1. Hey Kent, we really love your work - the details really make the difference when everything is put together. We're curious, what tools do you use for your small-scale modeling?

    Also, not sure if it would be useful for you or your readers, but we have a great page with quite a few items detailing model train work at

    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. nice work kent , i have an i3 prusa vanilla that I have not used yet , is it hard to get a sketchup design to the 3d printer?