Saturday, February 22, 2014

N Scale, or Just for Giggles 3

I don't model in N scale, but I frequently get questions as to what can be done in N scale.

A friend of mine, Don Spencer, ask if I could run some wire coils for open gondola loads.
 Here are some pictures he provided to me, and he also supplied some dimensions to work with.

I printed several, and sent them to him to see if they would work.  

 These are the pictures he sent me.  

I printed the coils in a three pack and a one pack, just to make it easier to put loads together.

 This is a small shed I printed as a gift for a friend, but on mine I screwed up, and did not get the door opposite of  each other.  And since I don't model in N scale, I just did not care enough to print another door.

The building was printed in six pieces.  The foundation, the walls, the doors, so they could be modeled open, the roof and the window sash.  I did not try to do anything to the roof, other than just paint the printed part.

I did an octagon barn in HO,, and thought it would be rather easy to down size to N.
 I did have to eliminate some of the detail to make a decent print in N the cupola. 

All in all, there are thing that can be done in with the Afinia printer in N scale, but they are much more limited than larger scales.  I G scale, I have printed stake pockets, something that would not be possible in HO, and would be marginal at best in O.

And now back you my regularly scheduled HO scale programming.  


  1. Really nice work. I am interested in printing in O scale. Would the pieces be too big for the printer?

  2. My printer, an Afinia, has about a 5" cube printing area. There are larger printers out there, it is just a matter of designing what you need and finding a printer large enough to print it. I have done a few things in O for friends, but not much...just like N.

  3. Kent, I would love some of those Nscale Wire Coils. Is there somewhere I can purchase them from you??

  4. Mike, you can email me at nvrr49 AT yahoo DOT com.