Saturday, June 23, 2012

Building the Kasia Michon

The Kasia Michon is a a passenger car I built for my HO scale 30" gauge logging and mining railroad.  First, the real Kasia Michon, my daughter in-law.  I started with a standard gauge Roundhouse Pullman Palace Observation car, and then proceeded to cut it in a million pieces.

This is the standard gauge car, as it started out, before all the cutting.
And now the cutting starts.

Viewing the side, the middle piece is what was discarded.
I wanted to detail the interior, and I could not find benches like I wanted to use, so I made them using  First I drew the benches using SketchUp, scaled them to 1/87.1, and uploaded them to  They printed them, and shipped them to me

Here at the benches, painted and installed.
The colors were chosen by Kasia Michon, colors she can see.  I think the pictures might actually be better than the model.

The restroom walls are scratch built using styrene, the floor is printed on photo paper.  The fixtures, are from Red Cap Line.  
I have to update this more often, as I have many entries worth of material.