Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shop Building, Machinery Shed, Down on the Farm #4

The next structure I am working on for my farm diorama is the Machinery Shed.  I adapted my design from the plans below.  They are from the North Dakota State University web site,

As usual, it took several redesigns to get everything to print correctly.  As I recall, this was the fourth attempt.  I ended up printing the third rendition, and although it did not print correctly, it was close enough to go ahead and use.  After I figured out the problems with that design, I made the adjustments in the drawing shown above.  If I ever want to print it again, it should work better.

You can see in this picture that I added a lot of bracing to the walls.  In the drawing above, I added the bracing, so that all the bracing will be part of the print process.  I also make the walls around windows thicker, so the windows would be install flush on the inside.  This not only adds strength to the walls, but it make the windows easier to install.

One side pulled away from the print platform.  I believe this was mostly due to the walls being too thin, and not giving much area for adhesion to the printing platform.  I also found the platform to be slightly out of level, which is a real pain to adjust.  I let the print finish, even though I knew that this side was not printing right, because I knew that it would even out at some point, and this side is going to be under a shed.

I was originally planning on building the shed supports out of wood, but decided to give printing them a try.  Above is the progression of the design process.  Based on previous experience, I split the round posts in half, and printed them flat side down.  

I glued the two halves together, and painted them  The posts were finished to look creosote treated.  The set to the left was given an alcohol and ink wash.

I am ready to install the roof, but can't decide what to use.  I have been looking at several different options.  I don't care for the way the shingles on the slaughter house come out, and they were a lot of work (  Clever Models announced they were producing paper printed lase cut shingles.  Clever showed them this weekend at the Fine Scale Model Railroad Expo in MA, and Trainfest in WI.  They are supposed to have them available on their web site on Monday, and I will be ordering some to finish this building.

The coal bin and chimney on the end are for the forge, which every good machinery shed had in 1949.

From another project, the Long-Bell Lumber diorama, I had a couple swing arm saws and benches left over.  (The first installment of the Long-Bell project can be seen here:  The bench helps disguise the print failure of the side wall.  If I get the roof shingles ordered tomorrow, maybe I can finish this building up in the next couple weeks.

As a city boy, I have been asking questions along the way, cause hog farming is not something I have any familiarity with.  From that feedback I am going to add a corn crib, a small hog barn and a feeder. I think somebody makes a lazer cut wood corn cribs, which sounds like the best option.  As yet, I have not picked out a hog barn or feeder yet, but I will be perusing to decide which one to build, and how to build it.

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