Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting Ready for the Turkey Creek Show

I am sharing a table at the Turkey Creek NMRA show this weekend, so I am getting some stuff ready to sell. I am trying to finish up lots of projects, some that I started 12 years ago. I may enter something in the model contests, an that would be the first time since the NMRA National in Minneapolis.

This is a Pickle car I scratch built based on an old magazine article. I labeled it for Ralph Sechler & Son, a real company that was in business in 1949. I have no idea if they had any rail cars, but I doubt it.

These are AHM models, pretty much straight out of the box. I already had one when I picked these two up, and one was already heavily weathered. I changed their road numbers, and weathered them both.

This Great Northern Box car was assembled by Mike Stephens. All I did was add a couple final pieces and weather it. This is a Marker Light Models kit. Not a kit I have ever run into before.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last weekend

I applied paint to sixteen different models last weekend. I have to apply most paints when the wife is away, as many smells bother her. I really did not finish very many, but I sure made a lot of progress.

The pipe load, an item interchanged with the River Road, was weathered lightly and dullcoated

I am not done with this RS-2 yet, but I did want to prove I do have some motive power. This is an Roundhouse RS-3 unit that I back dated to an RS-2 by moving the battery box and adding fuel site glass and fueling inlet to the right side of the cab. FWIW, the RS-2's were meant to be run long hood forward.
I am getting some stuff ready to sell at the Turkey Creek Train show next weekend and I am going to offer some stuff up to the Yahoo Vintage Group if they will just pay the freight and get it off my hands.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Newest Completed Models

A wine tank car based on European prototypes and lettered for the Sardou Winery. I started with an Roundhouse shorty flat car and added G scale barrels. I made the yokes from styrene and used chart tape for the metal strapping. I added Grandt Line nut, bolt and washer casting to hold the straps tight against the tanks.

A standard Athearn box car with a Westerfield end spliced on. A fairly simple project. These first three models I actually started 10 years ago, and now, finally getting back in to the swing of life, I am getting some of these done.

This is a basic Athearn kit with a modified dome based on an article in the September 1989 Railmodel Journal. The lettering for "Texas Natural Gasoline Corp", and "Tulsa, Oklahoma" was done with decals, one letter at a time, as there are not decals available for this prototype. AND it there are decals available, please don't tell me now.

An old Mantua kit obtained from the River Road. I added weight, some details and light weathering. As you can see, I tend to lean toward the older kits.

A 50' flat car kit from A-C. I placed a 1/8" piece of steel under the floor instead of the wood supplied. The finished weight of this car is 5.4 oz.

This is a A-C kit, supplied with metal sides and sills, cardboard for the center section, and wood end sections. I put steel inserts under the raised ends for weight, and then glued scribed wood on top. For the center section I drilled out sheet brass to replace the cardboard that was supplied. This model weighs in at 3.4 oz without a load. I built up the sloped area with styrene and used styrene for the anchor points.