Friday, February 7, 2014

Farrowing Barn, Down on the Farm #7, 3d Printed

I think I am done with the 3d printing portion of the farm diorama.  The rest will be scratch built out of wood, or Woodland Scenic metal kits.  
The plans for the Farrowing barn, from the South Dakota State web site.

The 3d drawing, drawn in SketchUp, ready for printing.  From my experience, to get the best results printing lap siding, you print the walls upside down.  This eliminates the support material needed to hold up the overhang of the siding, and eliminates and sagging on the bottom edge of the siding.  See the house I printed,  But, in this case, since I am modeling this as a weather beaten building, that hog don't treat with respect, I really want it to look bad, so I printed it in the upright position.

When it comes off the printer, it has a lot of support material and raft to remove.

It all comes off pretty easy, but there is a lot of scrap.  Note that the building is to the right, the rest is scrap.

The ratty looking siding really shows up after primer is applied, just what I wanted.

I added styrene bracing to support the roof, then applied corrugated roofing from Wild West Models,

I first cut the panels to length, in this case 6' long, then dry brushed the panels with a couple different shades of rust colored craft paints.  Next I gave them a wash of alcohol and India ink.  I then used weathering powders and a coat of flat finish.

To get the siding to look like raw weathered wood, after a coat of primer, I paint apply a wood colored paint.  Then I treat it like I would a piece of wood, and give it a wash of alcohol and ink, and apply some weathering powders.

Next I will finish up the Woodland Scenics windmill and tool shed.  

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