Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The House, 3D Printed, Down on the Farm #5

Building a small hog farm in HO scale.

The farm was going to need a house, so I went looking for small house plan.  The North Dakota State University web site provided a good starting point.  http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/extension-aben/buildingplans/
I adapted these plans to be a 24' square one bedroom house.

I drew the house complete with interior walls, then exploded it, as shown above, to orient it for optimal printing.  Note that the house walls are printed upside down.  This eliminates much of the need for support material.

I also designed a foundation for printing

I printed the structure in sections.  Here are the gable ends, printed upside down.  Shown here still on the print surface as removed from the printer.

The wall are printed in one piece.  The walls are raised up at the bottom to allow for inserting a .060 thick floor.  The walls are designed thicker at the tops and bottoms to add stability.

 I used sheet styrene for the sub-roof and trimmed it with scale 1x12 styrene.  I then applied paper shingles from Bar-Mills.

This view shows the porch and back wall.  The chimney was also 3d printed.  The tar around the chimney is a mixture of Aleene's Tacky glue and black craft paint.  It makes a nice thick gunk to dab in place.

Note the gable end vent was printed in place.  The peeling paint was made by using rubber cement between the primer coat and the finish coat.  After the top coat dried, I scrapped off the rubber cement, thus removing the white top coat. 

Total print time for the walls, gable ends, doors, windows, chimney and foundation was 6 hours and 27 minutes.  Selling price for those pieces would be $27.00.

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  1. Some things can be done in N scale, but at 1:160, they are limited with the Afinia printer. When I figure out the SLA printer I have, which at the current rate of time I have, could take a year, then I will be able to print much finer detail. Here are some examples of items I have done in N scale. http://nvrr49.blogspot.com/2014/02/n-scale-or-just-for-giggles-3.html

    Additionally, I can print concrete blocks in 1:160 scale, but not bricks. It can be done at shapeways.com or with an SLA printer, just not on m an FDM printer like most of the stuff I have printed. Hope that answers your question.