Sunday, July 28, 2013 2013 Summer build challenge final photos

All the main structures and details were designed in SketchUp, and 3d printed on an Afinia H series printer using ABS filament.  The decks are built from strip wood, the figures, the best I can remember, are all from Preiser, but were unfinished and I painted them.  All the structures were printed in multiple pieces and solvent welded together, with the window and detail all being separate pieces.  The shingles on the center unit are paper that I designed.  All the interior window treatments are printed on paper or printed directly on the clear plastic glass material.   The truck is a Wheel Works metal kit with custom decals.

Roof details.   Working left to right. The scupper for draining the rain water off the roof was 3d printed, and the drain pipe is a styrene strip.  The roof access stair is a one piece 3d print.  On the center unit, the chimney and railing (3 pieces) were also 3d printed.  I would not do the railing that way again, scratch building it from styrene would have been easier and faster.  On the yellow unit, the main roof, dormer, dormer roof and window are all separate 3d printed pieces.  

Main structures.  The two end units are both concrete block construction, and the center unit has lap siding (my first try at that, including several failed prints).   The red unit I modeled as a four unit apartment building, including the basement apartment.  The other two units were treated as single family row houses.  The bar-b-que grill is based on actual drawing for a 1940’s era design I found on a South Dakota University web site.  The grate in the grill is some left over mesh from an Ambroid pulp wood car deck. 

It is 1949, and the tracks behind the row houses have been abandon.  (the  right unit) The Jones’ have built a new BBQ just in time for the Fourth of July.  Mr. Jones is getting ready to light the fire, while Harry, one of the neighbors, tells him how to do it.  Mrs. Jones and their daughter Sally are sitting on the porch talking with Fred.   As can be seen, Sally is not happy about having to attend the BBQ, because the Lone Ranger is on the radio.   

Mrs. Smith is bringing out some drinks while Mr. Smith sits on the porch (the center unit). 

(the red unit) 
Mr. Hayden is having a cup of coffee and relaxing on his top floor deck.   Mrs. Houston has come out on the deck carrying her to check on her husband who is on the ground talking with Mrs. West.   Mr. West is sitting beside her on the deck, but does not look happy about being neglected.    Easy Ed, the best carpenter in town, has just come out of his basement apartment to move his truck. 

I had to send the 3d printer in for service, but I just received it back.  I have a few projects to finish, then I hope to start on a small HON30 layout.

Previous posts on this project showing drawings and construction details.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MODEL RAILROADING, 3D printing using a personal printer, Afinia H Series Printer

What follows is an adaptation of the clinic I presented at the Mid-Continent Region NMRA meet this past June in Overland Park, KS on my experiences using a personal 3d printer.  If anyone has any questions, or sees any problems, just send me a message.  I will make updates as needed.  Hopefully, in a few weeks, I will post my clinic on using a 3rd Party Printer, my experiences with Shapeways.