Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jaws of Life, 3d printed in HO scale

Weeks ago, someone on a Facebook group, ask where to get HO scale Jaws of Life.  I was able to get some good picture and dimension of the the web, and there were some drawing online to start from.  

Everything was sized to match the specifications on for printing in Frosted Ultra Detail.  

I connected the parts with a sprue so, hopefully, the parts won't get lost at Shapeways.  This is how they look right out of the package from Shapeways,

And from the back side.

On this batch of stuff from Shapeways, I tried rinsing them in Isopropyl Alcohol, as was suggested by several people, to remove the wax support residue.  

Just like cleaning with soap and water, it turns the items white.  That has it's advantages, as the items are actually easier to see and photograph.

 I don't model modern stuff at all, so I really had no emergency vehicles to show with the parts, but for size comparison, I photographed them with a CMW HO scale van.

 I primed them and painted them with craft paints.

 Since I put the HO scale ones up for sale on, I have had a request for them in S scale, so I have rescaled them and offered them in S scale also.