Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blairline Church, Laser cut kit with 3d printed interior

I planned on posting this for Easter morning , but then I realized it was going to take much longer to write than an hour...

The classic, here are the parts picture.

Then, here are the instructions.

With pictures, and well done instructions, better than many laser kits.

I primed the wood, both sides with white primer, then I gave it a finish coat of semi-gloss white.

Another parts picture, with some assembly done.  The small brown bits in the pictures are the 3d printed interior parts.  I covered some the interior 3d printed parts in an earlier post,

The interior beams and the inside of the front door are 3d printed parts, available at shapeways.  All the interior parts can be purchased from shapeways at:  The floor is a paper pattern I bought from Clever models,  This is a download, and print on your home printer.  They have lots of great patterns to choose from.

The window are several pieces, built up to give a prototypical look.  One of the problems with laser kits is that the edges of all the wood pieces are burned black, something that can't be avoided when burning through wood.  On the windows, cleaning that off took a little extra time, and a lot of paint touch up.  Blairline includes stained glass windows, although one could make your own, as they are printed on overhead projector clear plastic.  

With the two end glued in place, I installed the ridge beam.  I notched the interior support beams, which were 3d printed, and not included with the kit, to hold the beams.

This is the drawing of all the 3d printed parts.  Not only furniture, but the inside of the doors, both front and back.

Some of the 3d printed parts are painted, the interior of the back door is still unpainted in the fore ground.

I test fit all the interior furniture on the floor.

The bell is probably my favorite piece.  Printed in FUD at Shapeways, it has to be assembled, and is quite fragile.

To me, really the coup de grace.

In this view, you can see al the 3d printed details, the roof beams, the furniture, and the interiors of both the front and back doors.

Assembled and ready for the roof and trim.  The stained glass installed.  

I installed interior lighting so that even with the roof in place, the stained glass will show.

The roof is paper supplied with the kit, and is also laser cut for easy installation.  Really a beautiful kit,

and easy to assemble.

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