Sunday, June 22, 2014

Down on the Farm post listing, a 3d printed HO scale Hog Farm diorama

To simplify sending people to all the Down on the Farm series of posts, I have added this page, which I will keep updated.  It just makes it easier for me, as now I can just send people to this page, and they can decide what they want to look at.  Most of the structures were 3d printed, and designed by me.  

Smokehouse, 3d printed

Storm Shelters, 3d printed

Slaughterhouse, 3d printed

Shop Building and Machinery Shed, 3d printed

Farm House, 3d printed

Octagon Barn, 3d printed

Farrowing Barn, 3d printed

Windmill and Tool Shed, Woodland Scenics metal kits\

Corn Crib, Blairline Laser cut wood kit

Stone Arch Bridge, 3d printed

Hog wallow, water troughs and hog sheds, scratch built and 3d printed

#12 Starting the diorama

#13 Scenery for the farm, grass, dirt, and a stream

#14  Final scenery and the hog pens.

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