Monday, June 9, 2014

Barry Well, 3d printing and Vac-U-Forming meet in HO scale.

This picture of the Barry well was posted on one of the Kansas City Facebook groups.  The Barry Well was located only a few miles from where I now live, and I thought it would be a nice model that I could use some place either in a diorama or on a layout.

This photo was posted by Gary Brenner in the Kansas City Memories...Vintage Photos, Places and Things Remembered Facebook group.

This was a hand dug well dating back to the time of the Oregon Trail.  It is said that it was one days trip by Oxen team from Liberty Landing.  

Liberty Landing was about where hwy 291 crosses the Missouri River, and Barry was located about at what is now hwy 169 and Barry Rd.  According to my calculations, that would be about 12 miles.

I drew the well in SketchUp to 3d Print most of the parts in HO, 1/87th, scale.

Once drawn as a complete structure, I explode and orient the parts for printing on the Afinia printer.  

The roofing was another matter.  I decided to go old-school, and break out the 1962 era Vac-U-Form to make the tile roofing.  For more on the Vac-U-Form, see this link for a previous post on who I used it and what I have learned so far.

I did some tests, including this one with the canoe.  The patterns for the tile and the canoe were 3d printed and also drawing in SketchUp.

I cut the formed tile in to strips, and glued it to cardboard for the roof.  

The ridge cap is also Vac-U-Formed, but is individual pieces.  

I am not sure what I am going to do with it, but it was a fun, quick project.

I have to get back to work on the Down on the Farm series, and I have a few more posts to do to finish up the structures on that diorama, so hopefully, I will get motivated to get that done in the next few weeks.  Scenery just ain't my thing!

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