Saturday, June 28, 2014

Barrels, Wood and Steel, HO, S, and O Scale, 3d printed

I will be giving away 3d printed barrels to any model railroader who stops by my table at the Maker Faire KC this weekend.  Table 129.  I have both wood and steel in HO, S and O scale.  

 Most of the time, I prime the ABS, as it is porous from the printing process.  Here are all three scales, and both wood and steel.  I print four at a time, just to keep the cycle time down, and two open and two closed in each group.

O (1/48) scale, as I finished them. 

 S (1/64) scale

HO (1/87) scale

You can click on the pictures, and see a higher resolution, close up picture.  Then you can see the flaws in the FDM printing process.  However, at normal viewing distance, for scenic items, they look fine for most purposes.  I would not want to use this process for printing motive power or for vehicles.  For that I would want an SLA printer at the very least.

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