Sunday, February 2, 2014

Amherst Railway Society Show 2014, #2

Some of the stuff I bought.  This is the first group.  

I don't have a place for the Gulf sign, but is it lighted and each letter lights up in sequence.

A friend bought me a some metal cars.  The one in the fore ground is a basket case, and its restoration will probably be post by itself.  

The low side gondola was glued together with what looks like Ambroid wood glue.  It will take some work to get ready to run.  Anybody know what color of currently available paint I should use to match the EJ&I green low side gondola.  The metal Mantua flat car will be stripped, painted and decals applied.

Chooch Industries is getting out of the structure business, and, as such, had some building fronts they were closing out, so I picked up a couple.  I will probably be use Clever Models paper concrete blocks or brick for the side walls, and 3d print the windows and store fronts.

This is a, "what is it?".  I don't see any markings on it, it weighs a ton, and I could not get electricity to make the motor make any noise.  

Is it worth anything?

Is it worth getting running, which I assume will take remotoring, unless I get lucky and cleaning gets it moving?

Any history or background on it would be appreciated, and I will update this entry with any information I receive. 

More stuff next week.  I will also be listing some items on ebay, I buy some stuff, space wise, I gotta get rid of some.

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