Sunday, February 16, 2014

Amherst Show 2014, #3, more stuff I picked up

The newest edition edition of from the Amherst show features the Afinia 3d printer booth, and shows a lot of my models.  However, it is a subscriber only video, so unless you  subscribe to, you can not watch the video.

Here are some items I picked up at the Amherst show.  Sylvan knocked my socks off with there late 1940's offering of vehicles.

The model they had on display.
What I bought from Claire, with his help to get things right for my 1949 era railroad.

These were a great addition for me.  Sorry about the blurry picture.
I bought all four, so now I can have a Nash auto dealer with his new cars arriving.

And guess what they arrive on a new auto hauler.  This is a great addition, and he showed me another model he is working on for this era.  I did not buy the ice cream truck, but in retrospect, I wish I year?
I wanted a sleeper to pull one of there trailers, so with Claire's help, I went with this combination.

I also picked up some cast resin building seconds.  Sorry, I don't remember the booth name, but they were right across from the Woodland Scenics clinic area.  All the buildings had issues, to say the least, but I picked up all three for $4.00.

This building will have to fit in to the end of a block of buildings since one side is blank. It is so small, I am not sure what to do with it, any suggestions?  I also will have to figure out how to treat the top edge of the walls, again, suggestions welcome.

Both of the log cabins actually look a little out of scale, with the doors being 8' tall, and most log cabins, back in the day, were lucky to have 6' doors.  I am cutting the bottom log off the buildings, which will make the windows a little low, but compromises must be made.

Both are full of air bubbles that I am filling, at least most of them.  The chimney is so bad on this one I just broke if off, and will print a new one.  

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