Saturday, December 7, 2013

Long-Bell Lumber, Atlas lumberyard to showroom

The last structure for my Long-Bell Lumber diorama is the showroom/office.  Again, I wanted to use the Atlas Lumber Yard for basic structure, so that is looked like the show room was built from a remodeled lumber shed.  

The kit.

I cut the scenic part of the base away, 

and left out all the interior bracing.  I also filed and sanded the roof flat to remove all detail.

On the back side, even though it should never be seen, I filled in the open areas with scribed styrene.

I glued .020 x .020 styrene strips to the roof by lining the up with the ghost images left from the molded on details, to give it a metal roof look.

To close in the front of the building, I drew up a brick veneer from for the building to 3d print.  I planned on putting vertical scribed siding about the brick, so I just drew that as a flat surface.

After completeing the drawing, I exploded the individual items and oriented them for printing.

I had to orient the wall at an angle to get it to fit the print area.

Note all the support material that is generated to hold up the walls above the windows and doors.

But, it cleans up easy.

Unfortunately, I had a little warp in the front wall, which you can see at both ends.

I bolted a brass stiffener inside to the floor, and then glued the warped front in place.  It took a lot of clamps, but

it worked

I added a few signs, and still have to find one more for the front.

Here is an overall view of how I plan to layout the buildings.

I will have coal bins to the right, and creosote treated lumber stacks in the back corner.

The street will be in the foreground, with parking in the front of the showroom.

Here are links to previous entries in this series:

Obviously lots of details and scenery to add over the next few months.


  1. Hi Kent, Did you make the Windows and doors yourself? There's a grain transload facility in Tacoma WA that does not look like the Walthers kit. It wouldn't be that hard to make it out of styrene, with the exception of the windows. So far I haven't found any windows on the HO scale market like them.

    1. Yes, Larry, I designed and printed the windows and doors. There are some limitations, but in most cases they are acceptable. You can contact me direct at nvrr49 AT yahoo DOT com. Thank you for your interest.