Friday, December 20, 2013

Treehouse & Outhouse, Woodland Scenics stuff, #2

A couple more Woodland Scenics kits I whipped up over a weekend.


From, and picture of the parts.

Most of their kits are will thought out, but one usually has to bend a few metal parts to get them to fit. I did not use the wire they supplied for the rope, I used a piece of thread, so Tommy can actually swing.  I also used heavier beams under the treehouse than came with the kit.

Otherwise, pretty much assembled as per the instructions, not that I read them.  The lighting makes the tree look like it has a little bit too much shine.  I guess I will try some more dull coat.

Outhouse Mischief

Again I replaced the wire with some thread.  I also cut a hole in the base under the outhouse, since it has to go somewhere.

Looks like I need to put a touch of rust on those hinges, I always miss something.  I guess that is what the pictures are for.

My method for making the metal look somewhat like wood is three to four simple steps.  First I prime the metal with an automotive primer, usually Rust-Oleum.  Then I put on a base coat of wood color, a tan craft paint, sometimes rattle can tan.  After that is completely dry, I put on a wash of alcohol and ink.  Sometimes I leave it at that.  It the casting has good grain in it, that may be enough.  But, depending on how it looks and the final look I am trying to achieve, I may dry brush the wood with white, brown or multiple colors.

I have just about every one of the Woodland Scenics metal kits, so there will be many more weekends spent building them.  Besides, I need on a windmill for my hog farm.

Thank you for following along!

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