Friday, November 8, 2013

Odds and Ends, a.k.a Giggles too

This is a test print, I believe my fourth design, of an octagon cupola for my Octagon barn.  I think is will suffice.  I should get the next post in my "Down on the Farm" series up in the next week.

I started the series with the Smokehouse, and ask the question at the time, "how do I model HO scale wood ashes?"  I came up with a couple ideas, and would appreciate some feedback.
Here is option 1
and here is option 2

Which do you think looks better?

I decided to organize my Woodland Scenics collection a couple weeks ago, and ran across a few duplicates. ( I thought I had gotten rid of all the duplicates several years ago when I inventoried everything, but...I guess not.

I like the metal kits, but they have kind of fallen from favor.  I am working on two Mini-Scenes, the "Outhouse Mischief", and the "Tommy's Treehouse".  Also I am building the Doctors office and shoe repair buildings along with a pair of John Deere tractors, the steel wheel type..
Anything that I had two of, I started one of them.  If I don't screw up the one I build, then I will sell the duplicate at the upcoming KCI show.  FYI, I already lost one of the front wheels to a John Deere tractor.  Anybody have a spare?

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