Sunday, November 17, 2013

Machine Shop, Woodland Scenics

If you have ever looked at one of my posts, you know I like craftsman kits.  The Woodland Scenics metal kits are really fun to build.  I posted a few pictures of this kit some time back, but the pictures were not very good, so I took some new pictures.

This picture is from the Woodland Scenics web site, ( and shows all the parts to the kit.  Most people call these white metal kits.  They are kind of a soft metal, but not near as soft some out there.  

I built a diorama, incorporating some cast plaster junk piles, a Woodland Scenics tree, and a truck kit, also from WS.

The details are all cast in place on the walls of the building, and must be hand painted.  It takes some time, and a steady hand, but I enjoy it.  You can see immediate progress.  

The cast in details really add value to the kits.  If you click on the pictures, you can see a much larger view, and really see the detail.

Out back, I added some junk piles.

They are all cast plaster, three are from molds I made using liquid latex from 

wait for it

Woodland Scenics.

This is a plaster casting I purchased from Morse Productions,, always good stuff.

This railroad car junk pile was a plaster casting that I made from a master made from junk from the box-o-freight car parts.  I painted the plaster flat black, then dry brushed them with rust colored craft paints from Michaels,

Another junk pile.

The truck is the WS #D217 Service Truck, 1914 Diamond T.

The business is named in honor of William Larry Williamson, Professor of Machine Tool Technology at Pittsburg State when I went there, oh so long ago.

The kit comes with a full detail for the interior, plus all the details cast on the walls.  In the center it the forge and the anvil on a stand.  Along the back wall is a milling machine, and an oxy-acetylene welding set.

On the left wall is a work bench, note all the tools cast in top of it, and a drill press next to the bench.

On the right wall is a metal lathe and a bench grinder.

A few weeks ago, I pulled out four WS kits, and finished them all over two weekends.  Quick and fun, can't beat it!  More on those in the next week or so.


  1. I really like the pictures here! I would love to have a little machine shop like this. I would also like to have my own real machine shop.

    William |

  2. Those are some really great pictures that you took. I have always wanted to make things like this myself. I cannot wait to see more from you too.
    Jak Manson |