Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fine Scale Miniature Coal Dock #155

Oh my gosh, nothing 3d printed on this one!  I have been working on this structure for over a year.  I started it late last year when I spent a week in a hotel room in Joplin helping my Jason open his store, Hurley's Heroes,  I did the basic assembly then, but just got back to it last month.

From, I assume this an original magazine ad.  I built mine turned 180 degrees.  I do have a layout plan, and a place to put this.

The box as it come, just a bunch of stripwood, templates, instructions, and
metal castings.  The castings are what George Sellios, the owner of Fine Scale Miniatures, has become know for.  I bought my kit off ebay, and there were a few castings missing, but none of significance to me.  There we a lot more junk details than I used.  George likes his junk!

Finished diorama.

It seem like you always see things in pictures that you did not see before.  So now I have a couple areas to add more weathering.

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