Friday, September 13, 2013

Lawn Mower/Small Engine repair shop. Finished pictures

I recently realized that I had never posted any finished pictures of the Lipasek Small Engine shop.  I had post pictures of the detail, but not after the diorama was finished.  There were two earlier posts:


but most of the items can also be seen here.

First a couple pictures of the interior of the building.  All the details are items I designed and either printed on my Afinia printer, or had printed at, except the figure..

The wood barrel, the shelves, including the items on the shelves, and the foundation were printed on my Afinia printer.  All the other items were printed at

With the laser cut building kit in place, this is an overview of the diorama.  The green riders are N-scale tractors to which I added 3d printed HO scale mower decks, seats and steering wheels.

Viewing the back, you can see an old engine and a couple rusted up mower decks.  The weathering powder I use for rust is Ash Grove mortar color.  I use both the Buff  and the Terracotta colors.  The foundation was my first attempt at concrete blocks on my Afinia printer.  I have figured out a lot since then, and more importantly, the software upgrades from the manufacturer have really help with quality and design elements.

Probably my favorite items are the chain saw motors, pretty detailed for 3d printing.  The mowers were quite a drawing project, but both are based on actual riders available in 1949, the year I model.

The walk behind reel mower is based on ads I found on the Internet.  Note the copy of an ad that I made in to a sign to post on the building.

The next entry will probably be the second entry in the Down on the Farm series, and will be a concrete storm shelter.


  1. OMGosh, this is so cool! I've been looking everywhere for someone modeling a small engine repair shop! I worked for my father-in-law in his shop till he died. I modeled one about a year and half ago, but with nothing like what you have! If you don't mind I'd like to steal your ideas and get more info where I can obtain #D printed mowers of all type. I've latched onto Shapeways lately, but didn't think about going this far with it! I have several models, but I would be willing to add your type models to the madness just like our shop used to be. Thanks for you info. Ken

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