Thursday, February 14, 2013

I need to write HO scale and Model Railroading more often in my blog

All the adds on my blog are for building, nothing model railroad or 3d printing related.  This time I am going to cover the details I designed a printed at for a small engine repair shop.  
Here is an overview of several of the items I designed and printed for detailing my Lipasek's Small Engine repair model in HO scale.

The green tractor is an N scale model manufactured by Athearn, but I added an HO printed seat, steering wheel and mower deck.  There are more pictures of that particular model in an earlier post.  

Small engines includes chain saw, so I ordered some from the local hobby shop.  They have now been on backorder for several month.  Good thing I did not wait, and went ahead and designed my own to be printed at  

I could not find commercially available models of 1940's era riding lawn mowers, so I designed mine based on photos available online.  If you search 1949 lawn mowers, there are several to choose from.  The drill press is generic, and the bench grinder I printed to the wrong scale so I have reordered it.

Both benches were printed, including the details under and on the benches.  If I had to do it over, I would not bother printing the square bench, as I could have built it from styrene or wood, and the boxes underneath would have been much easier to paint as individual pieces.  I also have a air compressor that should arrive today on UPS, a day late due to the snow storms in NY.  That and the grinder should complete the details from shapeways.  

This is one of my all time favorite pieces.  I have shown it to several people, and it is so fine, people are scared to touch it, for fear of breaking it.  Products printed this small in shapeways Frosted Ultra Detail material or very brittle.  The bell for the church has been repaired three times, and it is still not installed in the bell tower yet.  I am going to redesign it before I make it available on shapeways,

More 3d printing and model railroading to be posted next week...after the grand baby's shower this weekend.

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