Saturday, September 21, 2013

Logging camp cabins, outhouses, and a boat

I have a problem staying on just one project.  Maybe I like multitasking, then again, maybe I am really bad at it, as I have several projects that I started over a year ago, and still don't have done.  Given that, why would I start more projects?  For my logging operation, I needed some cheap housing, and came across a couple Atlas cabins at a swap meet for .50 cents each, and realizing I had three Atlas lumberyards that I was going to kitbash, I could then have five logging cabins, which would be enough.  I built them over the weekend a few weeks back.

I painted them up, but in colors that actually are close to the original plastic colors.  I threw away the formed bases that came with the models, and put the cabins up on skids made from strip wood.

These will be a good contrast to the log slab siding cabin that I will use for an office for the camp.  It was 3d printed, and here is a link to the final pictures of that project.

I picked up a two pack of outhouses from Built-rite Models,, and assembled them for the logging camp area.

The boat was scratch built out of styrene, just for the heck of it.  This was built based on plans in Model Railroader in March 1985.  I designed the ores and had them printed at  I guess I can use this around the logging site.

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