Saturday, September 7, 2013

2-4-4-0 Steam Engine, kitbashed HO scale

This is a static (non-powered) model assembled from a long out of production Roundhouse 3-1 kitbashing kit.  This kit is part of a long out of production series of kits designed to be kitbashed.  Most included three different projects, this one, even though it is called a 3-in-1 kit, it is really just one, but it can be built may different ways.  As is the case with all these kits, there is a lot of cutting and fitting involved, and outside parts that must be added.  Below is one of 12 pages of instruction, not detailed instructions, but ideas on different ways one might build the engine.  With all the different options, there will be lots of parts left over to use for junk around the railroad yard.

Instructions for this and other kits may be accessed through this link.  Gerry Dombroski was one of the designers on several of the kits, and has put together a great resource here.

Here are a couple views of the kit ready to be weathered.  Since I have never weathered a steam locomotive, I am looking for direction.  I plan on this being a derelict engine, setting on an overgrown siding.

An overhead shot.  Any feedback on weathering and/or additional detailing, based on the idea it is an out of service engine, is appreciated.

Yes, I do other things than just 3d printing HO scale items.  I have some logging cabins on skids I am in the process of kitbashing using some Atlas cabins.  I should have them done in a few weeks.  

BUT, I am also 3d printing all the buildings for a farm diorama.  I will be doing blog entries on it's progress, but you can follow along in one thread on  Here is a direct link to the thread. 


  1. Take a look at these photos They're of the "Torch Lake" (1870s era) Mason Boogie operating under steam at Greenfield Village. There are also some photos from the roundhouse.

  2. Use RUSTALL :0)My personal favorite...Ron Morse