Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shapeways, Bath fixtures and More stuff, #8

These are all item I adapted for HO scale details and had 3d printed in FUD at  This was a first try for all the bath fixtures and most have issues, but I learned a lot, and hope I can pass some of that knowledge along.  They don't photograph well as they come from shapeways, so I did prime everything, and then after I took the pictures, decided to throw a coat of paint on them and take some more pictures.

The bath tubs came out a little rough, but clean up was easy, however, the legs just came out as bumps, so I must have designed them too small.

I have redrawn the legs, so hopefully they will come out on the reprint.

The sink did not come out too well, one faucet is missing, as is one supply line.  I will be making them larger when I reprint them.

I really like the design on this toilet, just like something a little different.  For those that might be new to my blog, I model 1949, so most of my stuff fits that time period.

This sink had the same problem as the other one, only one faucet printed.  

The group, as it will be for sale on shapeways when they all have been successfully printed.

This is my second try at the welding carts and tank, and they still did not come out perfect, notice one of the handles did not form completely.

This is one of my favorite printed item.  I am just a tool guy at heart. 

More tools and items I designed and 3d printed at shapeways can be seen at these links.

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