Sunday, July 14, 2013

FSM Barnstead Lumber, HO Scale

I bought a used Fine Scale Miniature Barnstead Lumber kit, and I knew it was missing most of the castings, what really makes a FSM kit special.  The main building was already built, but damaged, and none of the other buildings had been started.  To replace all the missing cast metal details, I designed details, and had them printed at  Some are available for sale in my shapeways store (  If you see something you want in these pictures that is not listed in my store inventory, just let me know, and I can make it available.
A general, overall shot of the lumberyard.  The main store to the left, the lumber shed in the back and a mill shop to the right.  There is a railroad spur that runs right in front of the lumber shed and behind the main store.  
From the right end, you can see the railroad siding.  The main building had one window missing, so I boarded it up.  The windows were missing for the enclosed space at this end of the lumber shed, so I designed some and printed them at shapeways.  

The store is modeled a little run down, but in the process of being remodeled.  The saw shed and lumber shed are weathered, but in good shape.  A new chain link fence is being installed to the left, and a pallet of supplies is in the main yard area.  The fence fittings we also items I designed and printed.  

There is lighting in both the saw area in the lumber shed and in the mill shop.  Here we see the mill shop which includes a 16" radial arm saw, and 16" table saw, a 24" planer and a 12" jointer.  The bench in the corner is also printed, including the details on the bench.

The saw area in the middle of the lumber shed is equipped with a 12" table saw and a 16" swing arm cutoff saw.

Here is a pallet of fencing supplies.  The fence mesh is wedding veil material, and the fittings I designed and printed at shapeways.  The fittings are cored out to accept .020 wire.

The pallet was printed, as were the two barrels, and the roll roofing is a roll of black paper.  The fork lift is an Athearn tractor, with the seat turned around, and added scratch built controls.  I designed the forklift accessory based on photographs, and printed it at shapeways.  I have not added this to my shapeways store, but if anyone is interested, I can do that.

Both the pallets and stacks of concrete blocks were printed at shapeways.

These windows were done as scenery, but could be used in a building.  Again, these were printed at shapeways.  The stack of plywood behind the windows is from the original kit, and is cut to size card stock.


  1. Hi Kent,
    I was rummaging through my old train stuff the other day and I found this kit! I bought it in the 80's brand new. I had built the warehouse part and am up to the dormer roof.
    It seems that these are rare kits these days. I have no idea what they are worth. Are the completed diarama's worth anything?

    I think I'll finish it!

    If you are in QLD Australia, I can show you the die casts if you need them. I have them all. :)
    My biggest issue at the moment seems to be getting the floquil paints again.

  2. Well Mick, I am halfway around the world from you, so I don't think I will drop in to see those castings. Thank you for your interest, and comment. Any kind of craft paints will work once things are primed.