Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blairline Church

In this blog, I am only going to cover the 3d printed parts used in the construction of the Blairline church in HO scale.  If you would like to see more on the construction of the church, I am doing a build thread on  Here is the direct link to it,

I have always wanted to build a church and super detail it.  I chose the Blairline church, as I had never built a laser cut wood kit.  I started designing the interior furnishings by looking a different church furniture supplier web sites. I also decided, after getting the kit, that I would add roof beams and a bell.   

Here is the drawing of all the parts.  I sent the drawings to shapeways for printing.  I printed the beams in FD, Frosted Detail, and all the other details in FUD, Frosted Ultra Detail.  I hollowed out as much material as I could of the beams to save material, i.e. money. 

This overview of the furnishings shows the bell was so weak after printing, that it broke in shipping.  I reinforced the bell frame with some styrene.  In this picture you can see the inside of the rear door in the center bottom of the photo. There is also an interior front door that I printed.

Here is the front roof support being glued in place, and also you can see the interior front door. 

 After I assembled the bell, since it arrived broken, I set it aside, in its place.  It looked so good, I took a picture.
I still have a couple more installments on shapeway, maybe three, as I have another shipment coming from them this week.  Then I will be blogging about then Afinia printer that I own part of. 


  1. Hi... What's the name of the primer and paint?

  2. I prime the FUD material from with either Krylon or Rustoleum. Then you can paint it with just about anything.