Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Machine Shop Tools #3, 3d printed, Surface Grinder, Horizontal Mill, Drill Presses, Welding tanks

This is the third entry showing this set of 3d printed tools.  In this post I will cover the surface grinder, horizontal mill, two drill presses, and portable welding tanks.

Previous post covering this set of tools:
machine-shop-tools-3d-printed #1
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Surface Grinder
This is the picture I used as the basis for most of the drawing.

And this is the drawing that I sent to  This is one of the items that printed fine the first time, and I did not have to update.

A primed version.

Painted up and ready to put in the machine shop

Horizontal Mill
There were several things that needed updated on this machine.  We learn from the things that don't work.

Here is it primed.  Note that the wheel on the end of the table either did not form, was broken in cleaning or in shipping.  I beefed up all the fine parts a few hundredths. 

On this one I replaced the broken wheel with an N scale brake wheel.

Drill Press
This is the same drill press I used previously in the small engine repair shop blog entry.

I wanted another drill press, so I went for a radial drill press.

Two drill presses on a penny, who'd a thought.

An extreme close up.

Welding Tanks
I also used these first in the small engine repair shop.  I made some adjustments, made it more out of scale, but it prints better.

Extreme close up, and it actually looks better than the drawing.

This set is available at the link below, and also included a small lathe. 

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