Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 Model Railroad and Blog Post goal

Last year my goal was to average a blog post every month...and I made only 8!

So, this year my goal my goal is a blog post every week.  Considering that it is the 12th, I am already 5 days late with the first post.  They will be short, and probably mostly pictures, as writing is not my favorite thing to do.  Hopefully, I will get better at taking pictures. 

Certainly the main emphasis for the early year posts will be 3D printing.  Starting with printing done by, and then using a Afinia printer (  I have a couple of previous posts showing some items that I have had printed at shapeways.  One of my newer items is a set of woodworking tools for a Fine Scale Miniature lumberyard I am building.  Here are some pictures

Here are the printed items as received from
This is the 12" table saw and 16" swing arm cut off say in the lumber shed.

These two shots are of the saw shed...the bench with details was printed at shapeways
To give a better idea of the size we are dealing with, here is the swing arm saw, primed, on a penny.
Here is a view of the swing arm say completed with the wood table, but before installation in the structures.

One down, 51 more to go this year.

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