Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chain Saws, HO scale, 3d printed

I have done some chain saws previously, for my Lipasek Small engine shop, lawn-mowersmall-engne-repair-shop.  When I ran across some pictures of an old saw on the internet, I decided to draw and try to 3d print it.  The pictures, which I loaded in to SketchUp were not clear, but sometimes you have to make due.  I sized the three views I had to the same size, and started drawing.

This is the front view. 

 And a back view.

Close ups of just the drawing.

I combined the new chain saw with some of the ones I had previously draw, and also added a smaller one by scaling down one of the old drawings.

 Here are several extreme close ups of the product, as it arrived from Shapeways.  They were very clean, and I must say, every time I order from Shapeways, the product seems to get better.

Although I did not brake any of them, they are very fragile, as one might imagine. 

The small one is just crazy cute! 

 Note that in the first pictures, there were four chainsaws with blades and now there are only three...yes, I lost one somewhere along the way.

 Maybe it blew off when I was spraying with primer.

I mean they don't weigh anything.

Look, I can hold seven chainsaws on the tip of my finger.

I have since updated the file at Shapeways with some larger models of the generic chain saws.  This is the drawing of the set now available.  I have not ordered them yet, but the front two rows are the models above, and the back three are the larger models I resized and added.  Here is a link to the models on Shapeways site, chainsaws-group-2-ho-scale


  1. What drawing software are you using and what type of 3d printer?

    Thanks, Mark

  2. I draw in SketchUp, and as noted above, these items were printed at