Friday, August 30, 2013

Log Slab siding cabin update again

Work, i.e. the real job, has been picking up, and I have been worn out in the evenings, so I have not had much time to model for the last couple weeks.  I am going to try and post a couple updates on long running projects this weekend.

I really started this project as an experiment just to see if i could get this to print and finish the ABS to look like logs.  After I was happy with that, I decided to go ahead and finish a cabin.  The idea for slab siding came from a Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette article in the July-August, 2008 issue.

There are many things I would do different if I was to do it over, but, at least in the short term, that ain't happening.  You can see several earlier updates on this project in both of the posts with links here.

Since the last update, I have added shingles from, Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains.  They are laser cut on self adhesive paper.  I used the random width version, and they went on really nice.

The foundation is also 3d printed in a random stone pattern.  The random stone is a real pain to draw, and very time consuming, something I have only done once before, and that was on the airplane hanger, which you can see here .

I still need to add a chimney, which I designed tonight, and hope to find time to print this weekend.  I also need a corner post on the porch, and maybe a step up to the porch.

A big thank you to all the people checking out my blog.  I have had over 2500 hits in August.  Hits have been doubling each of the last three months.

Next a 2-4-4-0 articulated steam logging engine, not a working model, just a display piece.

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