Thursday, July 11, 2013

Springfield hanger, HO Scale

Although the 3d Printer is on the fritz, and I have to call tech support again today, it does give me time for another post

This is a Google Earth picture of some of the airplane hangers at the downtown airport in Springfield, MO.  They kind of look like modified Quonset huts. I want to model a small airport on my model railroad, and I really liked the look of these hangers.  And they certainly look like they would fit in my late 1940's era model railroad layout.
Here is a drawing of the full model.  If I were to print it in a single print, it would have lots of support material, particularly in the interior.  On top of that, the layering would be horizontally across the structure.  We want the layering to run vertically, since any weather we would do to structures would run vertically.  Rain does not run sideways.

This how I printed it.  I cut the building up so that any layering would be in the vertical position when the building is assembled.  The only support material needed will be what every is needed to hold up the ribs, which in this position are horizontal.
This is the building primed and test assembled.  The door track will be made from styrene shapes.  

Here is a series of pictures of the finished airplane hanger in HO scale.  I also printed the foundation, and mixed both stone and concrete block, as I wanted it to look like the foundation has been repaired.
The airplane is a long out of production model from AHM.  Now that I know it will work, I would like to measure the real hangers, and print on that is true to the prototype.

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