Thursday, May 9, 2013

Slab log siding on cabin, 3d Printed, HO scale

This idea came from an article in the Short Line and Narrow Gauge Gazette, July-August, 2008. I would show a copy of it here if it wasn't for those pesky copyright laws.

As usual, I did the drawings in sketchup, then converted the drawings to stl files for printing.

Here is a view from the front.  I only drew one gable end, as the same size will work on both ends.
When it came time to print it, I decided it would be be to print the sides laying down.  This, hopefully, would take advantage of the layering that is just part of the printing process.  I thought, and it turns out, rightfully so, that the layering would give me some vertical graining.
Here is the front wall, which was my test print.  I painted it with a dark brown, the weathered it with washes of gray and black India ink/alcohol.  After several coats, I ended up with something that would work.
This is one of the few times where the test print worked, and I did not have to redesign and reprint before moving on to the full project.  Actually, if I did it again, I would handle the structure corners differently.  I mitered them, most with a shoulder miter.  Since the printer is extruding ABS plastic at 250 degrees Celsius, everything has a slight rounding to it.  Because of that, the shoulders have a fillet in them and really do not allow the corners to fit tight without some carving.  It is easy to carve, much easier than metal castings, but it I did it again, would make the corners square.

As the material is ABS, it will solvent weld with Methylene Chloride.  Also, you can glue styrene to the ABS.  I used styrene for bracing and roof supports.  Obviously, I am going to install a roof, and add a rock foundation.  The foundation will probably be printed, but I will cover that, at a later date.
I plan on using this as the office for one of several logging operations on the planned HO model railroad.

My goal, for the blog, and for my model railroad hobby, this year, was to do enough modeling, and find enough time, to do a blog post every week.  I am way behind, but I am going to try and catch up in the next two months. 

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