Saturday, August 24, 2013

Orange Juice stand, repurposing an bottle cap

I am not much of an orange juice drinker, but I picked up some Tropicana orange juice this past winter, and I thought the bottle lid had potential to be used for something.

The arches just begged to be used for some sort of small building.

Here is a close up of the cap with the arches blacked out with paint. 

I designed a conical roof that had the same amount of sides at the cap had arches.  I designed it as a metal roof, similar to the airplane hanger I 3d printed a few months ago.

Here are the counters ready to pint.  There is an inner counter for fixing the orange juice, an outer counter for serving the customer, and then a center island preparation area that includes two sinks and four juice machines.

This view shows the main 3d printed parts.  The little spot of white in the lower left is one of the juice machines.  The 3d printer layering on the roof, due to the angles of the roof, where, and are, very noticeable.  I sanded, filed, scraped and piled the paint on hide as much as I could. This is one of the things one must deal with when using this type of 3d printer.  Since there were so many angles, there was no way to orient this particular print job to make the layering not noticeable.

The juice machine were 3d printed, as were the faucets, except for the spout, which is a piece of wire.

I used a paper printed floor, and drew lines on the counter to denote where the entrance would be.

I did a little research, and settled on the business being an Orange Julius.  I picked a sign off the Internet, sized it, and printed it on heavy paper.  I glued the signs in place using Aleene's Tacky Glue. I use it for all kinds of things that I sure it is not supposed to be used for.

Here is a view of the finished structure.  I guess I will have to place it near the ice cream store on the layout.  

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