Friday, April 29, 2016

Roof Details, 3d printed, Shapeways

This is a set of items that I designed for printing at Shapeways.  I had used some of these designs as part of other projects, but wanted to get all the roof details in one place.  Since then, I have had requests for special assortments, which I have done, no problem.

This is the drawing that was uploaded to Shapeways.  It includes, from left to right, front to back:       Front row
1. six roof drains
2 & 3.  two types of roof vents, six of each
Center row
4. four large ridge mount roof vents
5.  four rectangular "J" type vents
6.  four round "J" type vents
Back row(s)
7.  large ventilation unit (2 parts, assembly described below)
8.  electric motor powered "J" style vent
9.  assortment of duct work, including three styles of elbows, two of each, and eight straight sections

Just another view of the drawing.  Basically, everything is hollow.  It is more prototypical, but is also saves on material.

From the other end.

The large ventilation unit.

The motor driven vent, with some color added.

Some of the items after some paint is applied, either gray primer or silver finish coat in this case.

The large ventilation unit is printed in two pieces, the main unit and a ring used to glue a screen over the fan.  I used wedding veil tulle for the screen.

The roof drains are one of my favorite details. 

Just set in place for the picture.  The angle could be adjusted with a file to fit different roof pitches.

Roof Top Details #2 3d printed
Drill a hole in the roof, and drop these drains in for a really neat look.

This set is available for sale on the Shapeways website at: HO scale roof-top-details

Enough details in the set to use on four or five buildings.

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  1. Can someone have shapeways produce the items first drawing at the top of this page?