Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Gears, or how to use that 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon

I saw a post on Facebook about some gears that were available at Hobby Lobby, that could be used for scenic detailing, and thought I would check it out.  I believe this is the set on the left is what was posted on Facebook, and they look pretty good, but I found the package on the right in the charms area first, and I like it even better.

Note, that is 100 gears!  Subtract the coupon, add tax, and that is less the 7 cents a gear!
 Obviously there are a lot of duplicates, but there really are a hundred of them, and in several different colors, and/or materials.  These have basically no thickness, so it would be hard to make the functional, but they will make great open loads and scenery. 

 And no, the penny did not come with the set :).  

 Here are a couple other sets they had.  This one would be a little large for HO, but could work in larger scales, even in G.

I am not a fan of Hobby Lobby, but I will have to have them all.  This set is particularly cool.  These work out, with the coupon and tax, to less than 30 cents each,  You can't make them for that.  Note there are really only four styles, just three of each, which is the same as the first set shown.

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  1. YES! Just saw the gears in the first picture when I was at my H.L. on Friday, but I was there to purchase Matte Archive spray for paper modeling. At some point I may have to have the 100 a nice scrap gon that could use a detailed load.