Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bath Fixture Update, 3d printed in HO scale

I had printed these previously, and blogged about them too, but there were issues with the designs, as some details did not print.  This post shows the redesigned items, and they all printed correctly.  For comparison purposes, here is a link to the previous post, Original shapeways-bath-fixtures post

Here is what they look like when they arrive from Shapeways.

I have used Bestine and soap and water to clean the parts after they arrive, and so far, I see no difference.  I have the Bestine, so I will use it up, but it seems to do no better than soap and water to me.

I designed two different toilets.  Both with a wall mount tanks, although by 1949, most new toilets had bowl mounted tanks.  

The bowl mounted tank design can be printed on my home printer, but to do the wall mount, I went with Shapeways.  With the lid down, the model is quite fragile. 

One lid up, and one down.  The lit up adds a lot of extra strength 

The faucets on the previous designs did not print, and neither did all the legs on the tubs.  As you can see here, with a little adjustment, the printed fine.

The supply lines under the sink are extremely fragile.

The wall mount sink also formed perfectly.  

Now all I have to do is find a use for them!  So far, I have not built a building where I needed to detail the restroom,

If you are interested in these, they are available at my shapeways shop,  Or, here is a direct link to the bath fixtures

Here are a few of my past posts on items I have designed and printed at Shapeways.

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  1. Didn't your wife teach you to not leave the toilet seat up? ;-) :-)