Sunday, May 8, 2016

Skylights, Copper 3D Printed frame and Vac-U-Formed Bubble

I found another use for the Vac-U-Form.  I am really happy with the way these Skylights came out.  I have only used the Vac-U-Form for a couple projects, the link above and the tile roof on the Barry Well.

The skylights came out really clear, and fit the frame just fine.  

 The frame were 3D printed using copper infused PLA, more on that in a later post, the copper is  really cool, but I have not found a lot of uses for it yet.  And yes, it is real copper, so it can be naturally patinaed. Polishing it, I have not figured out yet.

I also 3D printed the forms for the bubble to be Vac-U-Formed.  Since six would fit on the Vac-U-Form, that is what I made.  I coated four of the forms with XTC-3D from Smooth-On to help hide the laying of the 3D print.  More on that later too.

Using the same parameters that I learned from previous experience, I was able to get the skylight bubbles made on the first try.  I trimmed them to fit the frames with scissors, and popped them together.

 They are a scale 5' square.  This was just for a line side tool and maintenance shed, so the copper frames are really to high dollar for the structure, but I was just having fun.

I am sure I will be using more skylights now.

Just test fitting at this point, but really happy with the way they came out.

I will post more on this building, and more on the copper PLA in the coming weeks.  I need a rock tumbler or vibratory tumbler to polish the copper, by hand is way too much work.

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